GaN Charger

GaN Charger

Having a good charger will help to keep your electronics in perfect working order. This is especially true of phones. If you are in a hurry, you will be able to charge your phone in a matter of minutes, and that will make you feel more comfortable while you are away from home.

Smaller than traditional chargers

Compared to traditional chargers, GaN chargers are smaller, more compact and faster. They are also more energy efficient. They are able to charge devices up to three times faster than standard chargers. This makes them a great choice for travellers. They’ll fit in your purse and won’t take up much room on your desk.

GaN is a semiconductor material that has been used in LEDs, lasers, Blu-ray discs and more. It is a modern alternative to silicon, which has dominated electronics for decades. Its advantages include lower heat generation, higher voltage capability and less power loss. These characteristics make it a perfect fit for the high-capacity tech that is currently being developed.

While Gallium Nitride is more powerful than silicon, it has more limits when it comes to temperature and power levels. This can cause some of the chargers to get quite warm, particularly when being used for a long period of time.

There are several sizes of GaN chargers available, from small to large. The size of a GaN charger is directly related to the amount of charging power. For example, a GaN charger with 65W of charging capacity can easily power a laptop.

Efficient at transferring current

Using a GaN charger could save you money and improve your charge rate. Having a faster charging time means more power goes to your battery. Also, the technology can be used on the cheap thanks to cheaper materials and labor. Its high temperature resistance means a longer lasting battery life. Some gadgets are prone to overheating so having a cooler rated charger may be a necessity.

Not to be outdone, Samsung has jumped on the GaN bandwagon. They have used it in their flagship Galaxy S series phones. While they have not used it in the company’s notebook computers, it is only a matter of time before it makes its way into their next generation notebooks. The company has also touted the technology in its mobile phones. In fact, its latest iPhone 7 flagship uses the same power source, making it one of the more powerful iPhones in the current crop. Its battery is also capable of delivering a full charge in less than one minute.

Wider bandgap than silicon

Using wide bandgap (WBG) semiconductors in power electronics has many benefits. Compared to silicon, they have better voltage handling capabilities, high operating frequency, and higher efficiency. These materials can also work at high temperatures. The use of WBG-based semiconductors in power applications is becoming more popular.

The most common WBG-based semiconductors are gallium nitride and silicon carbide. These materials have been used to produce high-performance diodes. They are also used to make voltage converters. They offer great high-frequency performance and near-zero reverse recovery time. The materials are easy to work with in power applications, enabling high efficiency conversion.

These materials also have low internal resistance, which means that they generate less heat during power application. The materials can also be thinner than silicon. This results in lower conduction losses. The materials are capable of switching at extremely high frequencies, as much as 10 times that of silicon. They can also operate at high temperature, as high as 200 degC.

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